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What non-Feminists and non-Social Justice Warriors believe

Those who oppose the Feminist and Social Justice Warrior mentality tend to accept the following beliefs:

1. The world is sometimes unpleasant, and that one must endure and that the choice response is to develop strength and skills to handle circumstances.

2. The measure for assessing harm is an empirical and materialistic one; it is not emotional or psychological responses.

3. An individual is responsible and accountable for their own destiny and response to the world.

4. Collaboration, open discussion and debate of challenging ideas is superior in finding the best idea; following a ready-made formula is not..

5. It is better to persuade someone though reason than the beat them with emotion.

6. The price of enjoying equal and impartial treatment under just law means accepting one’s obligations toward others as much as we expect the rights that permit us to do so.

Can you think of more?


Collaboration, not capitulation

Collaboration, not capitulation

If we want to make practical changes to better our world, we have to look at the materials that we have: ideas, and humans.

If we alienate the humans, who will carry the ideas?
Who will act on them?

People love the high of thinking themselves superior and of beating other people into submission, few enjoy being treated that way.

Most people, however love to be seduced.

What we want is collaboration, not capitulation.

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White people are scum

A response to DF on a thread on The Whiteness Project. (I recommend viewing it.)

Listening to him I hear him say “black people” this or “black people” that and “I” don’t owe “black people” anything. White people are never white. They are individuals. They never participate or exist in a system that oppresses people. Stuff just happens. But whenever one single solitary black person does or says something, then it’s “black people”. People vs I. Black people live in a white world as it is. How do we benefit from listening to white people, oh wait, I mean individuals go on about their individual lives and perspectives of “black people” with no rational input on the ‘whiteness project?’. How do we benefit from this? I appreciate the effort of the project, but it just gives white people, I mean white individuals a platform to say what they have collectively been saying for generations in private. We see how that’s turned out for everyone. On a side note, I feel sorry for this guy because he has no clue he’s just a cog in the wheel, but he’s been trained to believe that he’s exceptional because he’s white.

DF said

White people are never white. They are individuals.

I think that what you’re trying to say is that white people don’t identify as white. That is only true in predominantly white areas. I’ve spent much time working in an environment where I was one of the few white people, and my race suddenly became an issue–to everyone else. And I then did mention it, but then, only contextually.

They never participate or exist in a system that oppresses people.

You make a significant error here. You accept the paradigm of oppressed/oppressor. This is a by-product of Radical Feminism messaging that men have historically oppressed women, extended to races. And this paradigm was developed by white, upper-class women, most notably encouraged by Gloria Steinem in the mid-60’s, and popularized by Peggy McIntosh’s essay “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.” Peggy and Gloria were a product of America, and had a provincial view point that ignored the rest of the world and all of history.

Black people live in a white world as it is.

Way to ignore brown and yellow Asians, red and black Aboriginals. The world is comprised of roughly 16% white people. This is not “a white world,” racially. Preempting the argument of “White people have power, so I’m talking about powerful white people,” there are even fewer wealthy, powerful or influential white people and  this argument ignores the wide variety of humans and the wide variety of lifestyles.

How do we benefit from listening to white people […]

How do we benefit from listening to anyone?

I appreciate the effort of the project, but it just gives white people, I mean white individuals a platform to say what they have collectively been saying for generations in private.

Go figure, the project achieve its goal.

We see how that’s turned out for everyone.

Yes. Feminism, affirmative action, the break down of institutionalized racism, the improvement of technologies and medicine that improves individual (of any colour’s) lives, etc. It would be a foolish error to think that much of this was not initiated or highly participated in by white people. Those terrible, terrible white people! How dare they not fall into the stereotype of English Monarchy or Southern US bigots!

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Bullies, bullshit and identity politics

I ran across another video of a woman provoking and attacking a man. One of the wonders of the internet is not only access to the best information we have, but a reporting of some of the worse behaviour that we engage in. As with all that is sensational, political opportunism feeds upon it like a skinny vulture eyeing the carcass of a water buffalo.

The biggest of these vultures is identity politics.

Identity politics are political arguments that focus upon the self-interest and perspectives of self-identified social interest groups and ways in which people’s politics may be shaped by aspects of their identity through loosely correlated social organizations. Examples include social organizations based on race, class, religion, gender, ethnicity, ideology, nation, sexual orientation, culture, information preference, history, musical or literary preference, medical conditions, professions or hobbies. Not all members of any given group are necessarily involved in identity politics.

The term identity politics and movements linked to it came into being during the latter part of the 20th century. It can most notably be found in class movements, feminist movements, gay and lesbian movements, disability movements, ethnic movements and post colonial movements. Identity politics is open to wide debate and critique.[1] Minority influence is a central component of identity politics. Minority influence is a form of social influence which takes place when a majority is being influenced to accept the beliefs or behavior of a minority. Unlike other forms of influence this usually involves a personal shift in private opinion. This personal shift in opinion is called conversion.

That people behave poorly with each other is bad enough; that the behaviour is opportunistically used to promote one’s political cause, it seems, is just as bad.

I’ve posted my share of women assaulting men on this blog. The notion, however, has never been to promote the notion that men are a special interest victim class, but to dissolve the prevalent acceptance that men are exclusively perpetrators and women are victims; to counter and falsify a highly accepted yet examined attitude that many of us carry.

Witness the political opportunism found in some of the titles found in YouTube’s suggestion bar.

At what point is race, sex or diet, of all things, relevant to the fact that people choose to forgo the exercise of character and self-control?

People behave poorly the world over, ranging from the toddlers that pull each other’s hair, to world leaders that play Machiavellian games and direct entire armies at nations.

Identity politics, on a more local scale, is little more than an excuse to ablate one’s self-discipline and to wallow and indulge in one’s lower instincts. Groups are composed of individuals, and individuals all have issues that are unique to them, it is normal that those with commonalities would associate, share and act to change things. What is not normal, what is unhealthy is the usage of the Victim Tactic to use as a basis for changing the world exclusively in their own favour, rather than seeking a just, compassionate and rational solution that works as much as possible, for all.

I welcome your thoughtful feedback.

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Indoctrinate U

While a lot of the colour commentary is about how conservatives (“Republicans” to my US friends) are getting the short-shrift, a tremendous amount of what is spoken of in this film mirrors my experience when I lived with a U of T roommate in Toronto in the 80’s.

Witness the body language, evasion and double-speak of faculty caught on camera. There is a scene where the vidoegrapher wishes to speak to the diversity officer. Pay close attention to the body language and the verbal language of the person that calls the police on him. I am very familiar with this kind of attitude. If it weren’t politically incorrect, she might as well have screamed “Get the fuck out, nigger!

One day I should write a post on my experiences living with such people. While this film is decidedly US-centric, it could easily have been written of the students of the University of Toronto, where my anti-Feminist thoughts took root.

Worse yet, this kind of behaviour has remained unabated for the last 30 years. Now these students are lawyers, judges, teachers, government workers and politicians. This is what Radical Feminism (and hyper-Liberalism) looks like. Lest ye think that I am also of a conservative, or Conservative bent, this is not so. I am apolitical. Ideologies are anathema to me. I can argue for and against as many sides as I am aware of with the same detachment and hopefully, eloquence.

This film does more to illustrate the sort of experiences that I’ve had, from being spit at, lied to and about, to getting the run around, prejudice and lies.

Interesting note: I was rarely directly attacked for being straight, or white. Nor could my politics have been under attack, I had none. The primary focus was on the evil of my masculinity and failing to lock-step with the ideology and the language.

Interesting film.

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