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Crazy lives on both sides of the fence

Crazy lives on both sides of the fence. Guess which side you're on.

Crazy lives on both sides of the fence. Guess which side you’re on.


On perfect security and freedom


When I was younger, I thought that if I did not have
perfect freedom
that I was oppressed.

I am now told that
if one does not have
perfect security
that they are oppressed.

One needs only as much
freedom and security
as is necessary
to accomplish one’s goals.


Collaboration, not capitulation

Collaboration, not capitulation

If we want to make practical changes to better our world, we have to look at the materials that we have: ideas, and humans.

If we alienate the humans, who will carry the ideas?
Who will act on them?

People love the high of thinking themselves superior and of beating other people into submission, few enjoy being treated that way.

Most people, however love to be seduced.

What we want is collaboration, not capitulation.

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Men’s Dignity


“One’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered.”

― Michael J. Fox

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Marketing 101 for Social Justice Warriors

Marketing 101 for Social Justice Warriors

The average heterosexual man
finds a woman who looks like this attractive.

This is perfectly acceptable.

If you have an interest in attracting a heterosexual man,
looking like this can help you in your efforts.

You are not obligated to look like this,
or to do what works.

If you want to, our product can help you
to achieve your goal.

If you are not interested, ignore this ad;
it is intended to offer a product to help you
achieve your goals, nothing more.

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The real reason to buy Protein World’s products

Are you Beach Body ready?

The real reason to buy Protein World’s products. Either I’m over-caffeinated today, or my oppressor hormones are spiking.

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