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Normal sperm… your sperm

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Normal sperm... your sperm.

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Radical Feminism at its most essential

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Don’t be that girl

Belatedly.Don't be that girl

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The Patriarchy

A laugh (or weeping) a minute! Turn an objective, reality-based eye to A Feminist Theory Dictionary


July 16, 2007 by yukoamano

A society or system which is ruled or controlled by men. Generally, patriarchy is a system of roles that women do housework and that men work outside and support their family. Patriarchy is a hierarchy in society such as women earn less money than men. Patriarchy is not just formed by men. It has a connection with a social economic system such as capitalism. According to Heidi Hartmann, patriarchy is “Controlling women’s access to resources and their sexuality, in turn, allows men to control women’s labor power, both for the purpose of serving men in many personal and sexual ways and for the purpose of rearing children.

Patriarchy can not be separable with capitalism, however, how the division of labour which is women work at home and which is men work outside started is not clear. I think that the system of patriarchy is a social dominance by men, however, I don’t think patriarchy is directly constructed by men, because men don’t necessarily try to form patriarchy.

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My response:

The Patriarchy is a cartoon

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The Patriarchy is a cartoon

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Two legs good! Three legs baaad!

Of course all men don’t hate women. But all men must know they benefit from sexism

Anger is an entirely appropriate response to learning that you’re implicated in a system that oppresses women – but the solution isn’t to direct that anger back at women.
Laurie Penny

Ah yes… the well-rehearsed bleat of “two legs good, three legs bad”. To most people, this overplayed pop-tune is the cultural hormonal throb of the day, evoking little more than a response of the protection of the weak. Of course, our dichotomous thinking often causes the simplest, most elusively-obvious fallacy: if women are the good ones to protect, men must be the bad ones to punish.

This article is little more than the required daily dose of Men as Perpetrators, Women as Victims. Women are weak, pathetic little children who must above all be protected by the big, dangerous, horrible men lurking in alleys just waiting to pounce on a woman and strip her of all power and dignity.

It’s time to stop swallowing the kool-aid, the blue pills and to get clean and sober. I offer the cure to this sickness:

Women are people too, and as such, are responsible for their own lives, destiny, sense of comfort and safety. Their lives, their responsibility. Women have agency and are responsible for their own responses. If feminism is the radical notion that women are people, good thinking is the radical notion that they are adults with their share of power and agency as well. It’s time to stop protecting the women-children who insist that all that is bad is due entirely to men, to let them skin their knees, fall off of their own bicycles and grow up.

Two legs good! Three legs baaad! Feminism hurts women too!

Two legs good! Three legs baaad! Feminism hurts women too!

Two legs good! Three legs baaad! Feminism hurts women too! Click on this image to download the full-sized image. 1024px by 955px. Approx 98kb.


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Credit for the sheep cartoon.

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