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Huffington post endorses sexual violence against men

The Huffington Post has decided that sexual violence against men is “comedy”.

Shame on the Huffington Post. I recommend that anyone having a subscription to the magazine cancel it immediately.


FireShot Screen Capture #101 - '8 Sex Positions That Will Blow His Mind and Destroy His Penis I Reductress' - www_huffingtonpost_com_reductress_8-sex-positions-that-will_b_3381552_html

8 Sex Positions That Will Blow His Mind and Destroy His Penis, regendered.

8 Sex Positions That Will Blow Her Mind and Destroy Her Vagina.

Sometimes you want to make love. And sometimes, you just want to destroy your woman’s vagina. Check out the eight sex positions below that’ll be sure to rock her cunt off.


1. The Flip-it-and-reverse-it Corkscrew
Have your woman lie on her back and mount her reverse-cowboy style, facing her feet. Then go into a mini-backbend with the back of your head towards her face. Now grind into her like your trying to free a cork out of wine bottle with a broken corkscrew. The painful grip is sure to destroy her vagina.


2. The One-Two Punch
This one’s not so much a sex position as it is an intimate way to relieve stress. After a long day of work, come home, light some candles, put on your favorite tunes, then punch your woman in the twat. This will definitely take her by surprise, and you will most certainly destroy her vagina.


3. Under the Bleachers
Not ready for home base? There are plenty of ways to satisfy your woman without going all the way. Consider giving her a hand-job and never stopping ever. Her vagina will be ruined.

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Men’s Issues Movement To Get Toronto Home

Go CAFE, GO! The Men’s Human Rights Movement is making it to the media, more and more.

When the radical feminist The Huffington Post posts a mostly neutral article regarding men, you know we’re gaining traction.

Read the original article Men’s Issues Movement To Get Toronto Home here.

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The men’s issues movement is about to get a Canadian home.

The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) announced Monday that it has raised enough money to open the first Canadian Centre for Men and Families in Toronto.

CAFE describes itself as an organization committed to “achieving equality for all Canadians, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, family status, race, ethnicity, creed, age or disability.”

It is involved in organizing men’s groups and lectures at a number of Canadian universities. Some of those lectures have prompted protests and earlier this year Ryerson’s student union blocked the creation of a CAFE-sponsored men’s issues club on the grounds that it sounded like a hate group.

The organization has distanced itself from more controversial elements in the so-called “men’s rights movement” and instead bills itself as a “men’s issues” or “human rights” organization. Nevertheless, it is primarily concerned with what it sees as societal failures to treat men equally.

The CAFE website lists suicide, the post-secondary education gap, workplace safet, men’s health, father’s rights, domestic violence, bias in the criminal system against men and misandry in the media and academia as primary areas of interest.

A spokesman told the National Post that CAFE is hoping to open the centre in a rented office somewhere on Toronto’s subway lines and that it will provide legal advice on custody and divorce, as well as physical and mental-health therapy. The group raised $50,000 in donations to open the centre and has now hopes to reach $75,000 by the end of November.

The fundraising campaign is being conducted in honour of Earl Silverman, a men’s issues activist and owner of Canada’s only shelter for male victims of domestic abuse, who killed himself in April.

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