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The cost of a false rape accusation when proven innocent? $20,000

Why do some women make false accusations of rape? For some, its anger, for others, jealously, for some to save $13 in cab fare. Katelyn Webster’s reason? She’d rather send an innocent young man to face brutality in the prison system for 5 to 10 years, than admit to her father that she had voluntarily gotten “sucker-bites” while having spent the night at another man’s house.

In short: she chose a random man, and threw him into the legal meat-grinder to save herself a tongue-lashing.

Even though Matt Folino has been found innocent of the accusation, he spent four days in jail, and the cost in lawyer fees was nonetheless $20,000.

“When it’s ‘his word versus her word’, you need to pause and you need more [evidence].” This needs to be a campaign.

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