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On the “gender balanced” cabinet in Canada.

On the “gender balanced” cabinet in Canada.

The deed is done. This is an experiment that we’ve never tried. Let’s see how it works out. We will either learn that there is a serious discrepancy in the performance of the ministers, or not.

We should be very strongly on guard, however, to immediately slap down any criticism of quota cabinet ministers who might complain that they are being harassed “because of sexism or racism” or other such common excuses. Having accepted the position granted by the ideological lottery, they must now endure the same treatment that all non-quota ministers have received since day one, and that comes with the position.

I am strongly against quotas, I think that the means is ill-conceived, but we’ve now got what we’ve got, and we have to deal with current reality. We should ensure, however, that no future cabinets are selected on this basis. This is the Left’s one, multi-year shot at proving their point. If it turns out that selecting a cabinet based on sex, or race is a successful experiment, then it should be proof that “non-white men” are competent, and “non-white men” should step up on their own steam and power, and not expect future free handouts of power-positions.

We often hear that one reason women don’t step up is a lack of role models. We’ve now held the hand of a variety of people and plunked them on the purple cushion… and under Damocles’s sword. There you go, kids, there are your role models. It is time now, for them to make the case, to show, rather than tell. Should it happen, however, that some do crash and burn, you don’t get to blame sexism, or the system. You may not reach for the argument of “historical oppression.” You must hold the individual accountable.

To do otherwise is to put ideology before results, and to demonstrate a complete disconnect with the reality that we are a mass of living people dealing with the incremental and life-or-death mundanity of daily life.


Feminism is politics, not morality

One of the problems with gender ideologues and zealots is that they fail to recognize the distinction that Feminism is politics, not morality.Feminism is politics, not morality

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The Invserse Peacock Tail: Feminist political tactics exposed.

Power, is nothing more than the ability to perform work. To move something. To influence a chain of cause and effect.

Human relationships are always about power. The ability to cause good things to happen, or bad. All humans having functional muscles and brains have some degree of power, regardless of sex, race or social caste.

As humans, we are all subject to a hierarchy of needs. See Malow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

When we run into other humans, our very first evaluation is a threat assessment. Is this person dangerous to me, or to my interests? Or do they have value that will promote my well-being and support my interests.

This evaluation is complex, and  is continually on-going and subject to change. When, over time, and individual behaves in a manner that we consider neutral or positive to our well-being, we develop trust; we develop a habituated sense of security based on the ability to predict another’s choices in regards to us and our interests. The inverse is simultaneously true. When we can accurately predict that someone can and will bring harm to us or our interests, we develop distrust. Taken to the extreme, we have fear–an emotion designed to help us avoid situations harmful to our survival and well-being.

The constant interchange between people has two levels. The first is physical safety, the second is the safety of one’s interests; direct and indirect threats. Much of our socialization is based on these fundamental instincts. Protect ourselves, protect our young, our homes, our jobs, the tools that permit us to do the job, the relationship with those that can provide us the tools, etc.

People are too-simply and instinct-powerfully labelled “good” by  those who use their power to our benefit or that of our interests, or who at least use it in a manner that is neutral to these. “Bad” people are those that use their power to our detrimental us or our interests. “Evil” is simply an adjective indicating the willingness to do harm to us or our interests.

Once direct relative safety has been secured, we lazy humans, followers of The Path of Least Resistance feel emboldened to, though social interactions and have other reduce the load on us to meet our own needs, or to meet needs that we cannot. A baby has the need for food and security, and makes use of physically built-in triggering mechanisms to evoke an adult to provide for them, for example. We use psycho-social techniques of doling out approval to make a person feel secure, or insults, a technique to lower one’s estimation of one’s social status to threaten abandonment or expulsion to the role of social outcast, which, which instinctively is a precursor to pain and death.

We fawn over celebrities in hopes of gaining acceptance so that we may share their social status (“groupies”). Celebrity is nothing more than The Path of Least Resistance acceptance that an individual has something to offer based on other people’s response. Some people are celebrities for the work they bring, others are simply celebrities for being well-known. This is one of the flaws in the value evaluation mechanism of the human creature.

Generally speaking, we treat those with greater ability to change things than we have with more deference than those of lesser power.

All of these sort of things are built-in. And it is the root of all of our social interactions. It happens on a one-to-one scale as it does on a global scale.

Politics is nothing more than the management of power and resources via relationship and social interaction.

Victim politics, for example, is the tactic of appealing to our sense of empathy (help another, help one’s self) and to our instinct of caring for those with less power. The slow perniciousness of this technique, however, is that it is a form of theft via fraud. The more hyperbolic–that which is exciting to the senses–a claim, the more the instinct of empathy and protection are triggered, the more another is moved to meet the so-called victim’s needs.

Political Feminism relies on the technique of amplifying the perception one group’s power (men, white men, cishet white men) and the obfuscation of another group’s (women, non-white men, non-white cishet men) power. This creates a false sense of imbalance of power, and en mass–or should I say  en classe, reducing the status of the former group and of raising the social status of the latter.  It is literally creating “bad abusive men” and “good girl-children”. It triggers another instinct: our innate sense of justice, that is, the instinctive measure of an exchange of value and/or power. Since it is safer for us to reduce the power of “bad” people and to increase the power of “good” people, this technique is an excellent way of appropriating value and power.

The Political Feminist technique is the mirror of the peacock’s tail. I wonder if I could refer to it as The Wounded Peacock’s Tale.

It is brilliant, manipulative and utterly self-serving; it is pure perfidy. It is, exactly what it claims to combat.

I welcome your thoughtful counter-arguments.

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England is waking up to men’s rights and the fraud of feminism

Looks like England is starting to get fed up with Feminist arguments. Who knows, in a number of years, we might end up being truly egalitarian, that is judging people on their merit, rather than their sex, or age, or skin colour, or x-factor. It was nice to hear people speak up for men, for once, especially that it came from the general populace, rather than specialized speakers.

Wish we milquetoast Canadians had more debates of this kind. At least their bat-shit crazy stands up for itself, rather than apologizing for having an opinion.

There weren’t any points new to me, but might be eye opening to the new comer to the gender discussion. I thought it was an hour well spent.

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Victor Zen speaks on the State of the MHRM

Victor Zen gives an excellent presentation of the current state of the Men’s Human Rights Movement. This guy is half my age and I strive to be as well spoken as he his.

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